The Online Program that helps Junior Entrepreneurs turn their big idea into a business.

The Online Program that helps Junior Entrepreneurs turn their big idea into a business.

Are you a parent of a potential Junior Entrepreneur but you don’t have the knowledge on how to assist them?

Are you finding the school system isn't encouraging and promoting entrepreneurial thinking and outcomes?

Do you have an idea for a business and a potential Junior Entrepreneur but don’t know what to do?

These days it doesn’t matter how young you are if you want to start a business.

There are many people aged 13-22 starting up businesses every day. Some even younger.

Would you like to be one of them?

Move your ideas forward.

Everyone at some point has a "great idea for a business". Maybe you already have your "great idea".

The problem is, most ideas just stay that… an idea! This is mainly because the skill and knowledge to take that idea and turn it into a business is missing.

That is what this Online Program has been made for. This will help you get that idea out of your head and potentially turn it into a real business.

This program is all about creating a great foundation for not only the business idea you might have now, but also for any future ideas you may have in the future.

The Junior Entrepreneur Online Program is designed to take you step by step through the process of building your own business, so you can follow the same principles that took Justin Herald’s business from a little $50 investment into a Global brand.

We have a history of building businesses.

Justin Herald

Justin Herald is the creator of this program which has been delivered at conferences around the globe.

Over the years, many parents have written to Justin asking him for advice for their kids who are Junior Entrepreneurs, asking if he would create a program for the younger generation. So, Justin listened and adapted that program for the Junior Entrepreneur to an online program with audio and workbooks.

Justin knows what hurdles the young entrepreneur will face, and this program will take you step by step through the various processes so you too can experience being an entrepreneur.

Just because you may be young does NOT mean you don’t have the skills needed. Justin will simplify the process throughout this program, but as a dad of 5 daughters, he knows that you are ready to learn without it being simplified too much.

Here is what the Junior Entrepreneur Online Program covers:

#1: It all starts with the idea

We discover the idea you have and how to see if it is a good one or one that needs work. Not every idea is going to work, and that is what you need to find out. Don’t panic though, you will discover ways to make it a better idea for a business.

#2: Research, Research, Research

Want to know how to make sure your idea has the potential to work? This module is all about showing you ways to find out how. How do you know what to do next? This module is all about showing you how. Research is the key here. Too many people will fail by not doing their research properly.

#3: Time and

There is one guarantee…. You will never have enough time in the day to start your business. You will discover to be smart with your time and how to get this business going with the least amount of money at the start. Understanding the time and money principle will assist you in getting past the idea stage quicker.

#4: Rewards and drawbacks

There are some really positive aspects to starting a business. But then again, there are some drawbacks as well. Keeping this real, in this module, you will discover both sides, so you are prepared. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns but if managed correctly, starting a business can be very rewarding.

#5: Common mistakes when starting

Yes, you will make mistakes. That is just a given, as you are about to go down a path that you may have never been down before. Throughout this module, you will learn some of the common mistakes people make. This will be very valuable to you as it will potentially assist you in not making those same mistakes.

#6: Sales, Branding & Marketing made simple

In this module we get into the meaty stuff. You need to understand these principles as they are essential for you taking your idea and getting people to buy into it. Justin will make all of this make a lot of sense for you. Understanding these three major parts to being a business owner is valuable.

#7: It’s all about

This will be YOUR business, so in this module you will discover the areas about YOU that will be needed to turn your idea into a business. Your success will not just be because you have a great idea. It will also be because YOU made it happen.

#8: So now you can start

In this module we bring it all together. Here you will learn about some of the areas you need to keep an eye on and some business principles you need to get your head around, but more importantly, how you can get going with your idea.

Note to Parents and to the Junior Entrepreneur:
As this program is really aimed at 13-22 year old’s, Justin has tried to ensure it is applicable for all ages. There have even been a lot of Junior Entrepreneurs younger than 13 who have gone through this program.

Justin realises the younger generation are hungry for the information exactly as it needs to be understood and learned.

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You Get:

8 audio modules covering all the aspects of starting a business
(Over 5 hours of audio content)

8 downloadable workbooks so you can keep track of your journey

Limited Introductory Price:
$149 ONLY $79

From Justin Herald:

“I truly believe that the younger generation have more resources to start a business than any generation before them. Those who are committed to learning the proper principles of business start-up will have a great chance to succeed.

Your future success is entirely up to you.

I deliberately haven’t dumbed this program down too much for you as I believe you are able to take in the information and turn that idea you have into a real business.

I wish you all the success and I cannot wait to see your ideas become a reality."

Start building your business now!

Limited Introductory Price:
$149 ONLY $79